-Abundance & prosperity                                                -Third eye chakra

-Happiness                                                                        -Solar plexus chakra

-Creativity                                                                          -Sacral chakra

Citrine is another one of my favorite stones. It attracts abundance & prosperity and carries the energy of the sun. It also boosts self-confidence and promotes happiness & joy. Who doesn’t need more of that!

I use citrine in my prosperity & abundance grids. I feel it is a must-have if you are looking to attract this kind of energy.

Here’s something I learned not so long ago. There are 2 types of citrine, natural & heat treated. Heat treated is most popular because it is much more readily available in crystal shops and on websites. And here’s why: it’s made from heating amethyst. Apparently a lot of people in the crystal buying & selling world will take amethyst that is very pale purple and heat it to make the deep yellow-orange citrine you see in crystal shops because the pale amethyst doesn’t sell very well so it is more valuable as citrine. Now Mother Earth does the same thing to make natural citrine. Amethyst is heated deep in the earth, beneath the crust, and the result is natural citrine. It is a much paler yellow than the heat treated variety, that is one sure fire way to tell the difference between the 2. And natural citrine is more expensive because it is not as easy to find. Some people wonder if the energies are the same in both. They argue that when it is artificially heated it changes the molecular structure of the crystal, therefore changing the properties of it. I personally find the heat treated ones to be quite effective so I really don’t see any difference. The bottom line is do what resonates with you. Experiment with both types & see which one you prefer. It all comes down to personal choice.

Citrine awakens the creative energy in our solar plexus chakra encouraging us to make our dreams & desires a reality. It also awakens the 3 rd eye & sacral chakras. By activating the 3 rd eye mental clarity & visionary function are enhanced. In the sacral chakra it stimulates creativity. In other words, the 3 rd eye envisions the idea, the solar plexus pushes us to pursue it & the sacral provides the drive to make it happen.

This beautiful sunshine colored stone has so many magnificent properties! Feel free to click on the links below to see all the citrine jewelry I have in stock right now. Happy shopping!


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