Classes Offered

Mala & Bracelet Making

In the mala & bracelet making class you will learn all about the meaning of malas and why they are made with 108 beads as well as a guru bead, the different energy & meaning put into them according to which stones you use as well as the option to make a matching bracelet to go with them if you so choose. These classes are so much fun because everyone’s creations are all so beautiful & different when they are all done. The price of the class includes all materials you’ll need to create your very own authentic mala & bracelet set.

Classes are $100.00 each for malas and $120.00 each for malas & bracelets.

Crystal Grids

The crystal grid class I teach is called “Crystal Grids; How & Why They Work.” And that is exactly what you will learn in this class. The energies different stones bring to a grid, the importance & meaning of sacred geometry, the reason why certain layouts work best for certain things, along with a whole lot of other useful information about crystal grids. The price of this class includes everything you need to create your own grid to attract just the right energy into your life!

Crystal grid classes are $50.00 each.

Jewelry Cleaning & Care

Cleansing Your Crystals

So I get asked this question a lot; “What is the best way to cleanse your crystals of the energies they pick up?”
Well I have a few different ones I will list here. A good thing to remember is one way is not “better” than another, just do what resonates with you.
1. Burying them in the ground for 24 hours. Mother Earth will recycle the energies.
2. Putting them in himalayan salt for a day works in much the same way.
3. Passing them through the smoke from a smudge stick works well too.
4. Sitting them on or near a selenite crystal. Selenite is a master crystal so it cleanses other crystals very well.
5. Gently running water over them works too but you have to be careful as some crystals (like selenite), will dissolve in water. So make sure you do your research on it before putting your crystals in water.
6. The full moon energy. This is my favorite way to cleanse my crystals. It reminds me every month when the full moon comes around that it’s time to cleanse them. And if you leave them sitting out the next day in the sunshine it will charge them up again for you. So it’s like having a brand new crystal to program again however you wish! And they do not have to be right outside. In a window is just fine, the moon will still be able to work it’s magic!

Cleaning Your Jewelry

There are a few different ways to clean your jewelry & keep it looking as elegant & sparkling as the day you got it.
You can use a soft cloth & polish the metal to a high shine. Or use an old toothbrush & non-abrasive toothpaste & scrub the metal gently. Either one of these methods usually works quite well & is recommended if you are not sure what type of metal your jewelry is. Most of the pieces in my collection are plated metals so polishing with a cloth or using toothpaste is the best way to go. If you are certain the piece is made with gold or sterling silver you can use a dip cleaner made specifically for whatever type it is. But only dip the pieces briefly (5-10 seconds max) and rinse thoroughly under clear water immediately. Take extra precautions if there are sparkle balls on the piece as they can be quite fragile when immersed in the cleaner. After rinsing leave the pieces out in the air to dry for 24 hours before storing them away again.
Helpful hint: for .925 sterling silver pieces you can keep them in a sealed plastic bag with a piece of chalk and they will stay bright & shiny for a long time.

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