Repair Your Precious Jewelry

One time when I was working in a shop where we did jewelry repiars this older gentelman came in with a necklace he desperately wanted repaired. It looked like the kind of necklace a child would use for dressup. I still remember it, it was hot pink with various zoo animals on it. Elephants, zebras, monkeys etc. I thought it a bit peculiar at first but then he explained it was for his wife. She had alzheimer’s & was very distraught when she didn’t have her favorite necklace. I will always remember the look of relief on his face when he came back to pick it up. I know I made his day & that is an experience I will never forget.

Do you have a precious piece that is broken & just sitting in your jewelry box or in a drawer? Perhaps a family heirloom or maybe a gift from a loved one who’s passed on? I can help.

I am extremely skilled in jewelry repair and have a wide variety of tools, findings, beads, spacers & chain in stock to tackle whatever comes my way. And I will always go the extra mile to be absolutely sure the materials I use to repair your precious jewelry is exactly right and will restore it as close to original as possible.

I do pearl knotting as well.

Contact me at: for more info or if you have questions & I will get back to you within 2-3 business days.

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