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Welcome to designing your own meditation mala. Where resilience meets creativity.

I invite women who have faced life’s challenges to design their own meditation mala, a tangible symbol of strength, self-confidence & empowerment. Your journey is unique, and so should be your mala. Explore the customization options below to craft a piece that resonates with your story, reflecting the inner power that defines you. In this collaborative process, I aim to provide not just jewelry but a transformative experience, reminding you of the strength within. Embrace the therapeutic art of self-expression as you design a mala that becomes a daily source of inspiration & empowerment.

Each sacred mala is made with 108 genuine crystal beads & a guru bead at the base. In Buddhism the 108 beads are used for counting your mantras when you meditate & the guru bead represents your teachers who have helped & guided you on your spiritual journey. When you use the mala to count your mantras, start on one side of the guru bead & “work” your way around to the other side. When you get to the guru bead do not cross it. This represents your respect & gratitude for your teachers & what you have learned from each of them.

Here’s how it works; contact me here with your unique vision of what you’d like to create and together we will collaborate, designing your perfect piece. Then, I will gather all the materials needed, put it together for you & infuse it with all kinds of delicious positive energy & send it off to you! It will be a one-of-a-kind piece that is totally unique to you and the energies you want to attract into your life.

Here are a few ideas to get your juices flowing:

1. Love (self love, romantic love or just love in general)

2. Abundance (financial and otherwise)

3. Creativity

4. Spirituality

5. Grounding

6. Communication

7. Peace & harmony

8. Self-confidence

9. Strength

10. Empowerment

Remember, these are only suggestions to get you thinking. Let your imagination run wild so together we can create something that is uniquely you!


 I hand make the tassels myself. Tassel colors include:

1. Pink

2. Yellow

3. Light blue

4. Dark blue

5. Green

6. Black

7. Red

8. Light brown

9. Dark brown

10. White



Delivery time from initial contact (when you send me the first email) will be about 4-6 weeks, depending on whether I have everything I need on hand or not.

Cost will vary as it depends on what crystals you choose but the range will be anywhere between $75.00 – $125.00

Balance due when order is placed.

Here are a few examples of malas I have made in the past:

Choose from the beads, spacers & charms below to create your one of a kind piece.


Black Obsidian



Orange Carnelian

Rose Quartz


Hanging Buddha Head

Silver Guru Bead


Blue Agate

Clear Quartz


Pink Zebra Jasper

Silk Stone Jasper

White Lava Stone

Silver Praying Hands

White Guru Bead

Angel Aura Quartz

Blue Goldstone

Dyed Howlite


Purple Tiger’s Eye

Smoky Quartz

Wood Jasper

Silver Spacers

Aqua Aura Quartz

Blue Lace Agate



Red Jasper

Snow Flake Obsidian

Silver Buddha Heads

Silver Spacers (small)

Black Agate

Brown Lava Stone

Gold Hematite

Moss Agate

Red Wood Beads


Copper Sparkle Spacers

Silver Turtle Charms

Black Lava Stone

Brown Tiger’s Eye

Green Aventurine


Rose Gold Hematite

Turquoise Howlite

Silver Cross Charm

Wooden Guru Bead

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