Creating For A Cause, Amethyst & Black Obsidian with Gold charms


Every year staggering numbers of babies & children are being sold & traded for sex slaves & I believe it is time to stand up for them. They don’t have a voice so we need to be the voices for them. I feel very strongly about this so I have created these bracelets. They are made with Amethyst & Black Obsidian.
Amethyst is a crown chakra stone & connects us to our higher power & the Angelic realm, it is our spiritual connection. Black Obsidian is a grounding stone & is connected to the Goddess Artemis, the Goddess of protection.
There is nothing these kids need now more than love & protection.
Please join me in this fight. $5 from the sale of each bracelet will go to an organization dedicated to raising awareness & saving these children.


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