-Family love                                                                                     -Gentle energy
-Romantic love                                                                                -Heart chakra stone
-Self-love                                                                                          -Invites kindness & compassion

Rose quartz is a very gentle, soft energy inviting all kinds of good, loving vibes into your energy field. It is one of the top crystals for all matters of the heart, emotional, spiritual & physical. THE crystal for love & compassion. Setting a large piece by the entrance to your home provides a great vibration of loving energy your guests can feel as soon as they walk in. It is also an amazing stress buster and is often used in beauty routines. (Stress has a huge impact on your appearance so it’s a good idea to incorporate some of these ideas into daily regime.) You can add a small rose quartz stone to your daily moisturizer or facial cleanser, drop a couple in your bath water, or use rose water & a rose quartz facial roller for a relaxing mini facial at home. I have one & I use it every night. It feels so nice on my face, stimulates the blood flow & brings about a more glowing, youthful complexion.

I recommend working with rose quartz if you have any emotional issues you’re trying to work through. Whether it’s a separation or divorce, a difficult relationship with a parent or child, the loss of a loved one, or almost any other kind of heartache. It is a such gentle energy and truly helps to bring healing to the heart chakra. My husband and I separated 3 years ago and for the first 2, I slept with a heart-shaped rose quartz every night. Definitely one of my go-to crystals in what was an extremely difficult time.

Rose quartz also helps to regulate the heartbeat and provides relief for heart palpitations. Of course, if you are having severe pain or even a dull ache in your chest that is persistent go to the hospital immediately! Crystals help to support healing but they are not meant to replace emergency care.

I am going to end this post with a recipe for a rose quartz self-love bath. Self-care is important! Remember, you can’t pour from an empty cup so take time to fill your cup first!

**All ingredients are optional but the more of them you can incorporate the better the effect will be!**
1 cup Himalayan bath salt                                                           Several tumbled rose quartz (put them in the water)
4 drops rose essential oil with pink rose petals
2 drops rose absolute essential oil                                             Rose quartz (or pink) candles

Relax & enjoy! And feel free to check out these beautiful rose quartz pieces I have in stock!

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